Can You Be Too Enthusiastic on That Job Interview?

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Everyone knows that if you hope to land a job, you need to convince the hiring manager that you really, really want it. You need to be well-qualified and enthusiastic to make a good impression during the interview. But can you take things too far and be too enthusiastic on that job interview?

Actually, yes you can.

Do your research and know as much about the company and the position as you can. Show off that knowledge in the interview, but don’t do all the talking.

Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

  1. You talk too much. Whether you ramble on in the interview because you’re nervous or excited, aimless chatter is a warning sign to hiring managers. They’ll think you’ll bring your incessant chatter into the workplace.
  2. You don’t fully listen. You’re so excited to let the hiring manager know that you’re the perfect fit to the job that you anticipate his questions before he even asks them. But you need to be patient.  It’s important for you to demonstrate good communication skills. That means talking –and listening. Give measured and thorough responses but only after you fully listen to the questions.
  3. You speak too quickly or in a high voice. Too much enthusiasm can make you sound like Minnie Mouse on caffeine. It’s not the impression you want to leave on the person who has the power to give a thumbs up—or down—to your hire.
  4. You can’t stop fidgeting. When you’re so excited that you just can’t sit still, your body language can be a huge distraction. Tapping feet, clicking pens and general nervous behavior will make the hiring manager focus on those actions instead of all your great qualifications.
  5. You brag too much. Even if you know that you’d be absolutely perfect for the job, let your training, experience and knowledge speak for itself. Give examples of positions you’ve held that would be a good fit to the job you hope to land but don’t make it sound like you’re the only qualified person in the world. You’re not.
  6. You appear desperate. It’s important to let the hiring manager know that you want the job. Tell them so. But if you tell them repeatedly, you’ll appear desperate, like your whole life depends on landing this one job. They’ll wonder what’s wrong with you and why you feel you only have one option.
  7. You’ll take any job. Sometimes you head out on an interview for one job but you’re more qualified for another. That’s great! On the other hand, if you say yes to every position placed before you, it shows a lack of focus. Know what you want and pursue it with just the right amount of enthusiasm.
  8. You wear the wrong interview attire. You may not realize it, but your interview attire can come across as too enthusiastic. Don’t overdress to impress; rather, wear appropriate clothing to your interview.

At Charter College, we love enthusiasm! But we also know that too much energy could derail your chances of turning an interview into a job offer. Our career services department helps students and graduates really prepare for their careers in Washington, Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, and California. We’re here from offering tips to use on your resume to giving you solid advice on how to do well in your interview.