Can Social Media Help You Land a Job?

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Did you know that social media can be used for more than online socializing? Social media platforms give you direct access to people in the business community. They let you present yourself to employers in a professional way. And they can be used to show off some of the skills required for the job. They can even help you land a job. Here’s how:

Make a Good First Impression

Before you go on a job interview or even apply to a job posting, check your social media privacy settings and don’t let anything you put out there get to the wrong people. Better yet, make sure that whatever you do put online is what you’d be proud for a future employer to see. Go back in time and clean up your pages. Then, Google yourself—because it’s almost certain that any company you apply to will do the same. If you see something you don’t like, try to fix it. If you can’t, prepare a ready explanation.

Look Up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Businesses and organizations usually have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. They’re used to market themselves to the public, to tell the story of what they do and how they do it. You can use this information to your advantage. Scope out a company’s social media pages to see what they’re all about. Look at how they interact with users and commenters. Scroll through photos and videos. Find useful information that you can use if you decide to apply. Pull talking points for an interview. It will demonstrate your resourcefulness and your passion for the position.

LinkedIn and Online Networking

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you should be! The platform is where you can post your online resume, highlight your training and skills, and connect with others. Check out your current connections and then look at theirs. Ask for introductions when appropriate. Consider joining online groups and communities and then get active. Introduce yourself to peers and notable leaders in your industry. Word-of-mouth is still a major factor companies use when they fill positions so if you can connect with the right people, you can get your foot in the door.

Another important reason to use LinkedIn are the job postings. There are some 20,000 companies and 20 million job postings on the site.1 You can scroll through jobs and see how your skills align with what the company is looking for. You can even get updates when new jobs become available. More than 75 % of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn during their search.2 Join this wise and active majority!

Company Review Websites

Websites that let employees post reviews of companies they worked for, like Glassdoor, can also hold plenty of valuable information. They can give you an inside look at a company, at things like culture, work-life balance, and wages. But be wary of reviews that sound extreme and bitter; some breakups do get ugly on these pages. But if you disregard these reviews, you can find more topics to discuss in an interview.

Social media can be very helpful in your job hunt if used the right way. Engage with the platforms, be proactive, creative, and genuine. Let potential employers and peers know you’re a professional ready to work hard.

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