Business Interview Attire: Here’s How to Dress for Success

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Thanks to your career training and your top-notch resume, you landed a job interview! You’ve already impressed your prospective employer on paper. Now it’s time to wow them in person. One way to do that is with a professional and polished appearance.

Here’s how to dress for success on your next job interview:

Base Your Interview Attire on the Company Dress Code

Do your best to find out how people at the company dress. Look for pictures on the company website or social media pages. But don’t just match their dress code. After all, just because they wear jeans in the office doesn’t mean you will on the interview. That said, you’re also not going to wear a three-piece suit to a jeans-only office. Here are the different types of office attire to help you choose your interview outfit:

  • Traditional Business Attire: For men this includes a suit with a tie. For women, this includes a business dress, skirt, or pantsuit, with a formal blouse or top.
  • Smart Casual: For men, this includes a sports coat with dress pants. For women, this includes a jacket or cardigan over a blouse or shirt with dress pants or a skirt.
  • Business Casual: Men can wear khaki pants with a collared shirt, while women can wear nice pants or skirts with a blouse or sweater; no blazers required.
  • Uniforms: Some professions require specific uniforms. For example, a medical assistant will wear scrubs, and trade professionals will wear personal protective equipment. However, if that’s the job you’re seeking, you should wear smart casual or business casual attire for your interview.

Keep What You Wear on the Interview Classy and Simple

Whatever the company’s dress code might be, there are some important rules that apply to all attire types. These include:

  • Be conservative: For women, it’s important that skirts be no shorter than barely above the knee. You should also avoid low-cut tops. Both men and women should avoid clothing that is too tight.
  • Be well-groomed: For men, you should be clean-shaven and if you have facial hair, it should be neatly trimmed. For women, your hair should be neatly styled and your makeup should be simple. Neatly-trimmed and buffed nails are a must for both men and women.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum: Avoid ties and belts with patterns that are too busy. Also, keep watches and jewelry simple. This means studs or small hoops for earrings and nothing jangly.
  • Don’t wear cologne or perfume: Keep in mind that interviewers may not share your enthusiasm for your go-to scent. Also, it’s easy to overdo perfume or cologne, so take a day off from your favorite spray.

Don’t Break the Bank with Your Interview Attire

You probably have interview-appropriate attire in your own closet. But if you’re missing interview staples, ask a friend or family member if you can borrow what you need. If that doesn’t work, go to local consignment shops or value retailers. Choose something versatile like a neutral blazer that you can easily mix and match to make the most of your purchase. You don’t have to break the bank to dress well for your next interview.

The job-search process can be overwhelming, but the Career Services team at Charter College is here to help all our students. We can offer you some great interview prep tips, from how to act to what to wear.

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