Breanne Mimms: Overcoming Adversity to Step Up for Others

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As a single mother, Breanne Mimms is no stranger to putting the needs of others before her own. So, when her grandfather became ill, helping him out wasn’t just a responsibility she accepted; it was a privilege she embraced.

“My grandfather was my ‘person,” says Breanne. “From the time he was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s in 2010, and until he passed away, I helped take him to appointments and cared for him at home. He was one of the reasons I wanted to be hands-on with patient care.”

Breanne Mimms

Choosing a Passion and a Career

Breanne had been planning a move to Arizona for a job, but when the pandemic hit, those plans changed. Maybe it was time to continue her education.

Breanne had originally gone to school for Medical Administration, but when she thought about restarting her college career, she thought of her grandfather. Caring for him made her realize what she had to give to others and the kind of purpose she wanted for her life.

“I planned to go back to Pierce College, but I kept seeing TV ads for Charter College all the time,” says Breanne. “The online classes seemed to be exactly what I needed so I had to do more research.”

In spite of wanting to learn online, Breanne still wanted a hands-on career.  She narrowed her options, and decided to attend Charter College for the Health Unit Coordinator program.

By choosing the Health Unit Coordinator program, Breanne felt she was getting the hands-on experience with patients she wants, while still getting the administrative experience the program had to offer.

Balancing Work and School at the Same Time

Breanne had a unique start to her education at Charter College because her courses began on the same day as her new Patient Care Coordinator role at DaVita IKC. She was concerned with starting classes while getting acclimated to a new job, but she credits Charter’s online course format, along with helpful instructors, for making the transition go smoothly. On top of this, she gained a lot of knowledge from her classes that she could directly apply in her role at the time.

“Starting both at the same time actually helped me learn to be more organized, and the program taught me even more medical information that was directly tied to my role in real time,” Breanne says.

And Breanne loved the program so much that she decided to continue her education and pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health Degree from Charter College.

Positive Experiences and Help from Others

Throughout her time at Charter College, Breanne found so much support from faculty and staff. She particularly highlighted the encouragement and guidance she received from individuals like her advisor, who was one of the reasons she decided to continue her education after she received her first certificate. Even when she was faced with personal medical problems, Charter was ready and willing to work with her and make sure she didn’t have to miss a significant amount of class time.

“I didn’t want to get behind on my work, so I reached out to the faculty, and they worked with me to develop a plan for the work that needed to be done in the time that I would miss,” Breanne explains.

Now with her Health Unit Coordinator certification and associate degree, Breanne looks forward pursuing a Bachelor of Healthcare Administration Degree at Charter College. Although she doesn’t have a set plan for the future, Breanne would like to become medical case manager. Her long-term career goals remain anchored in her passion for patient care and hopes to make a positive change in patients’ lives every day.

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