Benefits of Being an RN in Alaska

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Nurses on The Last Frontier reap plenty of rewards in their work. Alaska ranks #5 in the country for the mean salary for RNs and also #5 for nurse demand. But best of all as an RN in AK, you’ll get to serve great people from a great state. If you’re thinking of becoming a nurse in Alaska, consider the benefits:

Alaska Is a Great Place Be a Nurse

One of the best reasons to be a nurse in Alaska is to be in Alaska. It’s a beautiful state with a landscape unlike any other. Especially if you love nature and the outdoors, you’ll appreciate the boundless expanse of land and sky. There’s plenty of wildlife and great opportunities to fish, hunt, hike, and explore. And the state will actually pay you to live there! Through the Permanent Fund Dividend Program, once you’ve lived in the state for a full year, you’re eligible to receive a small portion of the state’s oil interests.

You Get to Help People as a Nurse

But why do you really want to become a nurse? To help others! In Alaska, you’ll work with a diverse population, helping them to get and stay healthy. The state has set goals to get Alaskans healthy with 25 priorities set in 2020 that include:

  • Reduce cancer, suicide, and interpersonal violence and sexual assault
  • Decrease alcohol, tobacco, and drug use
  • Increase disease prevention through vaccines
  • Improve access to in-home water and wastewater services
  • Lower Alaska’s obesity rate

Want to be part of a worthwhile mission? Become a nurse in Alaska.

There’s Always a Need for Nurses in AK

Demand for nurses in Alaska is high and expected to remain so through 2030.2 What does this mean for you? Job security for one. But it also means that you’ll have more opportunity to live and work where you want within the state. You can stay where you are and be a member of a healthcare team for years to come or bring your skillset to another city.

Schedule Flexibility as a Nurse

Nursing is often not just a 9-5 job. Your skills are needed 24/7 and that may mean working nights, weekends, or 12-hour shifts, three days a week. While the shifts are longer than a typical work week, the trade-off is that you get more days off. This gives you plenty of time to rest, and also gives you more hours to spend time with family, socialize, travel, work on projects or hobbies, or discover all the great state of Alaska has to offer.

You Can Network with Other Nurses

Sometimes, you just need the support of others in your profession. Other times, you may want to discuss an industry trend, or learn more about a new technique or study. Professional associations are also a great way to find out about open jobs in your field, and to meet others in your profession. In the State of Alaska, you can join the Alaska Nurses Association as well as the Alaska Public Health Association.

You Can Help During the Pandemic

Alaska is currently not a part of the Nursing Licensure Compact, which allows nurses to have one license but practice in any state that is a part of the compact. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses who already hold a license from another state can now apply for an Emergency Courtesy License that will allow you to temporarily work as a nurse in Alaska.

Every Day on the Job is Different

Every day will bring a new set of patients with new health challenges. You’ll be active, moving from patient to patient and tending to their needs. If you don’t want a to sit behind a desk all day, this is a great job for you! There are also a variety of settings you could work in, from rehabilitation to critical care and even outpatient centers.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of being a nurse, contact Charter College today. We offer an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing that can prepare you for an exciting career in Alaska. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.