Arlene Toscano: An Aspiring Ranch Veterinarian Starting at Charter College

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From the time Arlene Toscano was a child living on a ranch, she loved animals and dreamed of being a veterinarian someday. For the horses she rode, the chickens she raised, and the bunnies that hopped across the fields, Arlene wanted to make sure they all stayed happy and healthy. Arlene also had a knack for science and a profound interest in veterinary medicine.

 “I saw the medical side of things watching a hernia removal for a horse, and it motivated me to go into the field even more,” Arlene recalls.

To begin her formal education, Arlene pursued a major in biology at Moorpark College. At the same time, she wanted to be hands-on. She began to search for ways to learn and do. When she discovered the Charter College Oxnard Campus Veterinary Assistant program, she felt like it was the perfect match. It might be a challenge, but if attending two programs could help her reach her long-term goal, she was all in. 

Tackling Vet Assistant Training as a Full-time Student

Arlene knew tackling the Veterinary Assistant program along with her biology program was a tall task. But after a few conversations with representatives from Charter College, she was optimistic and confident. And she was even more excited when she began her courses. 

“I worked a job while attending two colleges, and that can be a lot,” Arlene explains. “But Charter’s blended program helped me find balance and get my work done.”

Arlene says that Charter helped her master a variety of skills that help her in her current position today as a Veterinary Assistant. Hands-on training courses taught her how to properly draw blood, restrain animals when needed, and administer IVs for treatment. Arlene felt Charter gave her such a good grasp on these concepts that she could help her peers with assignments that they didn’t understand. 

According to Arlene, the Vet Assistant externship was a major highlight of her time at Charter. It allowed her to apply her skills in a clinical environment. And at Newbury Park Vet Clinic, she made such an impression that they hired her after the externship was complete. With their urging, she’s now training to be a Veterinary Technician. Arlene says she appreciates what Charter provided and thanks the program and her instructors for the knowledge she gained and how that helped her excel quickly in the field.

Forming Bonds Beyond Charter

Another aspect of her Charter College experience that Arlene appreciates is the relationships she built with fellow students. She remains in close contact with faculty and peers and says they’ve become an important support network as she navigates the work world. One of her closest friends from the program, Monica Aviles, moved from California to Oregon, but they have stayed in touch.

“Monica and I still call each other here and there, talk about our experiences at the clinics we’re at, and give each other advice,” Arlene shares.

Relationships like this help Arlene stay calm and content as she continues work and school. 

Arlene’s Future in Vet Medicine

Looking ahead, Arelene is focused on her studies to become a veterinarian. She completed her associate degree in biology and is now looking to transfer and complete her bachelor’s with a pre-veterinary emphasis at Arizona State University. Once she has her bachelor’s degree, she plans to pursue her doctorate in veterinary medicine. As a licensed veterinarian, Arlene hopes to return to ranch life and care for farm animals wherever she decides to settle down. 

Are you interested in a future working with animals? Check out Charter College’s Certificate in Veterinary Assistant program. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form.