Are Virtual Career Fairs Worth Your Time?

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Virtual career fairs have become an easy and convenient way for employers and job seekers to connect, especially during the pandemic. But are they as effective as a traditional career fair? Can you really network, interview, and potentially land a new job, all from behind a screen? The answer is yes! Here are a few reasons why virtual career fairs are definitely worth your time.

How Does a Virtual Career Fair Work?

Virtual career fairs are hosted on a website that will let you build a profile and upload your resume, just as you would for an online job board. Based on your resume and profile, you’ll be matched with companies that might be a good fit to your skills. Employers who view your resume and want to learn more about you can contact you through an instant message or email, and they can even chat with you through an online video conference.

You can also browse employer “booths” at your leisure. In a virtual career fair, the booths are really just webpages dedicated to a particular employer. Each page may include a description of the company’s mission, a list of benefits for employees, videos, picture galleries and contact information.

What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Career Fair?

Unlike a traditional career fair, which requires you to travel to the venue, a virtual career fair can be attended from the comfort of your own home. This saves you time and a commute. It can also take some of the pressure off because you’re in a comfortable environment. You can show your best self off to potential employers.

Here are a few more benefits of virtual career fairs:

  • Meet Different Employers: The online environment is convenient for everyone, including employers. Some companies don’t have the time or resources to attend in-person career fairs, but they may be able to attend virtual fairs. With a variety of employers participating, one of them could offer your dream job.
  • Employers Can Pre-Screen: Because resumes and profiles are available online, employers can pre-select who they’d like to talk to and interview them separately. This makes the process move more quickly and efficiently. It helps the lucky person who’s picked first, but even those who aren’t. With the pre-selects out of line, you can still connect with the employer— just sooner.
  • Lessen Bias: Some virtual career fairs are off-screen which allows you to make your first impression without being seen. For those wrong-minded employees who might judge by appearance, you get to impress them before they ever see you. If you want to make sure that you are seen for your skills and abilities, and not your appearance, a virtual career fair can help you do that.
  • Technology and Flexibility Take Center Stage: If an employer recruits through a virtual career fair, you can be sure they care about technology and will appreciate these skills in their employees. They may also offer remote positions or be open to flexible schedules.

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