Are the Trades a Strong Career Path Today?

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With almost 3 million job openings in the field, the Trades can provide a strong and long career path. As a tradesperson, you work with your hands and your brain to solve problems for businesses and homeowners. Whether you work on new construction or in maintenance, your skills can make a difference for the national economy—and your own. The demand for skilled workers is up. Skilled trade jobs have seen double-digit growth for demand since the start of 2023. And unlike tech jobs and remote work, what you do can’t be outsourced. Find out why the Trades might be a good choice for your future.

There Are Plenty of Work Opportunities in Trades

Whether you plan to work for a company or as an independent contractor, there are plenty of opportunities for work. A recent analysis showed that there are 2.8 million available jobs in the Trades, with a 10% increase in just one year. The bipartisan infrastructure bill also invested more than $1 trillion for the improvement of roads, bridges, and highways. Tradespeople, such as welders and field supervisors, can help build our aging infrastructure. But there is also a demand for carpenters and HVAC Technicians. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has the highest employment of HVAC technicians.

Your Job in Trades Can’t Be Outsourced

Jobs in the Trades are physical and present. You must be there! With the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence, some industries may replace humans with technology. But in the Trades, you don’t have to worry. Roads, bridges, and buildings will always be needed and so will your skills.

You Can Choose Your Trades Career Focus

There are plenty of paths to choose from in the Trades. For example, if you choose to become a welder, you can specialize in the kind of work you do. There are many interesting welding careers that include some you might be familiar with like pipeline welding or automotive fabrication. But there are also niche areas like work on rocket ships or underwater vessels. And as an HVAC technician, you might work in commercial or residential spaces. You could spend your day on installations for brand new high rises or do routine repairs at someone’s home. And with time in the profession, you might advance to a supervisor role or even decide to own your own business.

The Harder You Work, the More You Can Earn in Trades

Depending on your focus, there may be the opportunity for extra hours and overtime pay. For example, if you work in HVAC, you can expect more demand for your services during peak summer or winter months. When someone’s heat is out or the AC won’t kick in, you’re an HVAC hero! Where you live also factors into how much you can earn. California is the top employer of HVAC Techs and Alaska is #2 in the state for HVAC pay.

If the idea of sitting behind a desk or greeting customers at a store sounds a little like a prison to you, maybe you’re cut out for a career in the Trades. Charter College offers programs in Welding and HVAC/R and an online Associate of Applied Science in Applied Technology degree program designed to add to your hands-on skills with business skills. Our programs are taught by faculty with years of experience in the field. Call 888-200-9842 or fill out the form to learn more.