Questions to Determine If Online Classes Are a Good Idea

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There are a number of reasons why online classes are good for those who want to further their educations and careers. You learn at your own pace with flexible schedules, and you still complete the same coursework and meet the same requirements as on-campus students.

However, if you think online courses are an easy out, think again! Online programs and courses can be just as challenging—and rewarding—as in-class instruction. Are you up for the challenge? To succeed with online classes, you must have a particular set of skills. Here’s how to determine if you should take online classes.

Are You Self-Motivated as a Student?

If you know that more education can lead to more success and are motivated to accomplish great things, then nothing can stand in your way! Online courses require you to be your own coursework boss. It’s up to you to note when assignments are due and get them done –and to keep your eye on the prize.

Are You Comfortable with Technology and Online Communication?

Since online programs are delivered via your computer, you need to have the necessary tools in place. You’ll need a reliable connection to the internet, sufficient memory on your computer and the software required to complete your assignments. You’ll also need to know your way around the various modes of online delivery such as webcasts, classroom forums and assignment uploads.

Can You Work Independently to Finish Online Coursework?

Although online programs generally provide support you can access, no one is looking over your shoulder while you sit at your desk to make certain you “get it.” If you work well on your own and are good at structuring your time and planning out tasks, an online program could be perfect for you.

Can You Keep Your Coursework and Schedule Well-Organized?

The great thing about online programs is that you can fit them into your busy life and do assignments at a time that’s convenient for you. On the other hand, there are due dates you’ll have to meet and if you’re not well-organized and task-oriented, you might miss them.

How Well Do You Communicate with Others in Writing?

Since your assignments and interactions with your instructor and classmates are all online, you need to write well. You need to communicate your answers and ideas in a way that’s clear and gets your main points across. If you have questions, you may need to email your instructor and when you work with your classmates, it will be through the written word.

Online courses can provide you with the same content as in-class instruction. They’re flexible and convenient and can save you time and money since you don’t need to commute to campus. But you need to rely on specific strategies to overcome challenges with online learning.

If you want to build a new career or advance one you already have by taking online courses, check out all Charter College has to offer. In addition to online programs, we have blended learning that gives you the best of both worlds. What’s best for you?