Amy Swedell: Long-Distance Learning Done Right

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Amy Swedell started her career as a healthcare referral specialist and that led her to other jobs in the industry. As she worked her way through various departments, she learned a lot about patient care, healthcare delivery, and herself. When she found herself working in Electronic Health Records (EHR) applications, she also found a new passion.  

“EHR technologies allowed me to test applications before they reached the doctors and clinical staff, then teach them how they work,” says Amy. “I really enjoyed the teaching part and sharing my knowledge.” 

So, Amy decided to take the skills she acquired working in the medical field and bring them into the classroom. 

Amy Sedwell - Charter College Instructor

Amy Begins Her Teaching Journey 

Amy began teaching at Warren County Community College in New Jersey as an adjunct professor of the Medical Assistant program. When the opportunity to teach at Charter College’s Online Campus arose in October of 2015, Amy jumped at the chance. She started teaching in the Allied Health program, and is currently a Health Unit Coordinator instructor. Amy says that teaching online was a seamless transition and everyone at Charter College has been supportive, providing her with whatever resources she needs and answering her questions.  

“My favorite part of Charter is developing courses and getting the support I need,” says Amy. “And everyone makes sure to let you know you’re doing a good job.”

As she learned the Health Unit Coordinator curriculum, Amy says the Online Program Supervisor from Anchorage was especially helpful. But Amy notes that everyone is encouraging and welcoming despite her being on the east coast while many of her colleagues are on the west coast.

Providing Effective Communication for Online Courses 

Just as the Charter team has made her feel welcome, Amy tries to do the same for her students. Because of the time difference she often encounters, Amy says she tries to be creative within the program to make sure every student gets the attention and education they deserve. 

Amy incorporates a lot of interactive teaching methods to keep her students engaged. She adds PowerPoint presentations, games like Jeopardy, and quizzes into her lessons, ensuring active participation and understanding. 

“I like to make learning fun and interactive,” says Amy. “Some of my students know English as their second language, so if they need additional help, I’ll host weekly one-on-one meetings to review material. If they need more time than that, I make sure they have it.”  

Amy’s commitment to open communication with her students goes beyond the classroom. She tries to be there for students who may be dealing with external struggles. Amy understands that if her students are dealing with something outside of academics, it can negatively affect their ability to learn. Because of that, she makes herself available via email, text, or phone call if a student needs help.  

Amy’s dedication to students’ success is bolstered by the collaborative support she receives from the Charter College staff and instructors. Their encouragement and constructive criticism drive her to continually grow as an educator. Just like her students, she’s always learning.

As Amy reflects on her journey, she says she finds fulfillment in witnessing her students’ achievements. Whether guiding them through coursework or preparing them for certification exams, Amy takes pride in nurturing their success and preparing them for careers in healthcare. Would you like to learn from a dedicated instructor like Amy? Call Charter College at 888-200-9942 or fill out the form.