A.A.S Versus B.S. in Business Administration: What Can You Do with Each?

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You want a business career, but you’re just starting out. Do you earn an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree? One path is shorter and less costly and the other gives you a stronger competitive edge. Here’s a closer look at what you can do with an A.A.S and a B.S. degree in business administration. 

Learn About Business with an A.A.S. in Business Administration

An associate degree in business administration can lay the foundation for your career. The program introduces you to important concepts and principles and gives you insight as to how successful businesses are operated. Whether you’re already working or just starting out, a degree program can teach you the fundamentals of hiring and recruiting, customer service, grievance handling, and the legal issues and guidelines that apply to business. 

Among the benefits of pursuing an associate degree are that it’s shorter and less costly than a bachelor’s degree. In the time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree, you can earn an actual degree, look for work, and get hired. With a shorter time to completion and fewer classes to take, you also have less tuition and fees to cover. An associate degree program also offers you a taste of the business world so you can figure out if you actually want a business career. And it can serve as the base on which you build future degrees. 

What jobs can you get with an associate degree? You could work as an administrative assistant or as an office manager. In these roles, you might schedule appointments, take meeting notes, and file important paperwork. You could also work as a customer support specialist, providing excellent customer service to clients with questions or concerns. 

Expand Your Knowledge with a B.S. in Business Administration

You can pursue a bachelor’s degree from the start, or you can build upon your associate degree through a degree completion program. If you already have an associate degree or significant coursework in business administration, you can add to what you’ve already accomplished. In a B.S. program, you can advance your knowledge of the various facets of business administration. This includes finance and accounting, data-driven decision making, project management, strategy development, global business influences, and entrepreneurship. Throughout your coursework, you gain the skills to analyze business theories and concepts, identify sound solutions to business-related problems, and use computer software to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. 

An important benefit of a bachelor’s degree is that it can help you stand out during a job search. Some entry-level positions even require bachelor’s degrees from their job candidates. Your bachelor’s degree can give you a competitive edge.  

With a bachelor’s degree, you might pursue employment as a human resources coordinator, assisting the HR team with hiring, recruitment, and training of new employees. You could also work as a marketing assistant, creating social media content to attract customers to a business. Or you could become an accounting specialist and help process payroll, keep track of expenses, and create frequent financial reports. 

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