7 Things You’ll Love About Being a Veterinary Assistant

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Do you absolutely love animals? If you’re good with pets and people, check out these seven benefits of being a veterinary assistant.

1. Veterinary Assistants Take Care of Animals

Of course that’s the number one reason you’d want to pursue a career as a veterinarian assistant. Imagine if you could be side-by-side with your furry and feathered friends every day –what could be better?

2. Veterinary Assistants Work with Animal-Lovers

You’ll be surrounded by people who are as passionate about pets as you are. Like you, they understand that animals provide unconditional love and can turn bad days into good ones with just a wag of a tail, or soft warm cuddle.

3. Veterinary Assistants Are Important Members of Team

You’ll provide care and compassion to animals, but also vital assistance to the people who treat them. Without you, the veterinarian couldn’t do their job of treating sick and injured animals as well as they do.

4. Interact with Pet Owners as a Veterinary Assistant

You know who loves an animal even more than you do? Their owner. As a veterinarian assistant, you’ll meet all kinds of people, from all walks of life. They only thing they all have in common is that they love their pet. And you get to teach them all about animal care, and comfort them when they’re really worried about their best friend.

5. Train to Be a Veterinary Assistant in as Little as One Year

The right program will teach you about small animal systems and diseases, veterinary preventative care, lab procedures, pet medications, lab procedures, and more. Plus, you’ll get experience in an actual practice on a vet assistant externship.

6. Veterinary Assistants Always Learn New Skills

If you think you’ll learn everything you’ll ever need to know to be a great veterinarian assistant in school, you’re wrong. Once you land a job, you’ll want to pay close attention to the veterinarian and other staff and how they treat the animals that come to them. Veterinarian medicine is always evolving and there’s always something new to learn.

7. Wear Comfortable Clothing as a Veterinary Assistant

As an added bonus, while you comfort animals and their owners, you’ll get to wear extra comfy clothes. Simple scrubs and comfortable shoes are the casual uniform of the veterinarian assistant.

Does a career as a veterinarian assistant sound like one that might be right for you? Check out the veterinary assistant certificate program at Charter College on Vancouver, WA and Oxnard, CA. We could help you train for a career that’s a perfect match for an animal lover like you.