6 Tips That Will Help You Land Your Very First HVAC Job

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HVAC systems are needed in every home and business in the country—and so are people who know how to install, maintain, and fix them. If you want a career where what you do matters and it doesn’t involve sitting at a desk all day or being stuck on a factory floor, HVAC might be for you. But before you go to work, you need to do some work. As with any new career, it takes some time and effort to land your very first job. Follow these 6 tips and you’ll be ready to break into the industry.

1. Enroll in a Training Program

To work in HVAC, you need to know how. An HVAC training program can provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to qualify for your first job. Your courses will train you in HVAC science and electrical work, commercial and residential controls, piping and wiring, heating and cooling systems, energy conservation, and air quality. You’ll also learn about troubleshooting old systems and what might be happening in the industry that’s new. And depending on the program you choose, you could complete your training in less than a year.

2. Gain Experience

Your training program should offer opportunities to gain hands-on experience through assignments in a machine shop or lab. This lets you try out the lessons you learn and become familiar with the tools and equipment that you will work with every day as an HVAC technician. Outside of your program, you might also gain experience through an apprenticeship where you’d work under the guidance of a seasoned HVAC technician or electrician. Apprenticeships can also help you gain necessary experience for your licensure, if it’s required in your state.

3. Update Your Resume

So, you have training and some experience. Now put it on your resume! Show future employers that you have the skills and experience that will be required for any job they ask you to do. You can also add any technical and soft skills that are relevant to an HVAC career. Next, create a cover letter. You’ll want to customize each cover letter to the job you’re trying to get, but you can start with a good outline. It should include the job you want, why you’re qualified to perform it, and how your future employer can get in touch with you.

4. Make an Appointment with Career Services

Your school’s career services office can help you with your resume, cover letter, and more. They might offer mock interviews so you can practice before a real interview. They may have career days where they bring employers right to your school. They can also provide tips on where to look for jobs, how to dress for the interview, and how to follow up with employers after an interview. And the services don’t end on graduation. You can go back and ask for some advice and guidance as you progress in your career.

5. Create a Professional Online Presence

There are several online resources that you can use to help you search for a job. LinkedIn is a professional network that can help you connect with former classmates, current and former co-workers, and potential employers who may know of open HVAC jobs. You can also search for jobs posted by HVAC employers right on the platform. There are online sites like Zip Recruiter and Indeed that can help you start your search. And industry boards like HVAC Insider that can help you find more specific, niche jobs within the industry. Don’t forget to check the websites of local companies that may post their open positions online. And you can connect with local HVAC companies in person or over the phone to inquire about available jobs.

6. Join an Industry Organization

The HVAC industry has professional organizations that you can join. What are the benefits? You can build your network in the industry, and those connections could help you find a job. Many organizations also offer exclusive job boards and company directories for members only.

If you’re ready to land your very first HVAC job, the first step is to enroll in a training program. At Charter College, we offer a Certificate in HVAC/R that can prepare you for your new career in as few as 10 months. Call 888-200+9942 or fill out the form to learn more.