6 Tips for Balancing Full-Time Work and Study

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Do you want to change your life? Do you work full-time, but would love to go to school? You CAN do both! Find out how to go to school and work full-time with these six tips.

Set and Prioritize Your School and Work Goals

There are a number of reasons adults go back to school. Why do you want to go to school? What are your goals? Whether you want to get more career training in your current field or change paths entirely, pinpoint what your ultimate goal is. Set and prioritize your short- and long-term goals so that you have a path to reach them. Do research to find out what career you’re interested in and what type of certification or degree you’ll need to make it happen.

Find a School that Meets Your Goals

Find a school that offers the program you’re interested in. Things you may want to look for in a school is a flexible course schedule, year-round programs, frequent start dates, online courses, and a blended learning curriculum. A blended learning style will give you a comprehensive education while still enabling you to meet expectations at your full-time job.

Also, if you already have course credit, look for a school that allows you to complete your degree either part time or full time.

Communicate with Your School Instructors and Coworkers

Communicate your goals with your family, friends, coworkers, and instructors. Friends and family can provide support and encouragement to help you reach your goals. Honesty and an open dialogue helps you achieve success in all areas of your life.

Get Organized to Balance Work and School

Organize your schedule and plan your time. Determine the best time to study, buy groceries, and do laundry. Set reminders for yourself and make to-do lists so that you complete assignments and meet deadlines. Find a balance between your work, school, and personal lives, so that you’re happy and healthy! A good balance helps you manage your mental health as you juggle a busy schedule.

Concentrate to Manage Work and School Responsibilities

Concentrate on the task at hand. When you’re at work, be fully present and give it your all. When it’s time to study, commit to it and don’t try to split your time with your household chores. Staying focused helps you get the most out of your studying and working time. If you stick to the schedule you created and concentrate on one thing at a time, you’ll avoid getting overwhelmed and stressed out.

Be Flexible with Your Work and School Schedules

Sometimes things are simply out of your control. Learn to be flexible and adapt to change. If your supervisor moves up a deadline, reorganize your schedule. That might mean you need to start studying for an exam a day earlier than you originally planned. If you’re willing to adjust, then you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way!

Charter College understands how challenging it can be to balance work and education. That’s why there’s a variety of career training career training programs with a year-round schedule and classes starting every five weeks. There’s a flexibility of day and evening classes, and the option of online coursework for many programs, so that you can maintain a balance between, work, life, and school.