5 Ways to Prepare for Class Enrollment

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You’re ready to enroll in college and start a brand-new program that could help you build a career and a better life. But are you ready for enrollment and your class start? Check out the five steps you need to take to prepare for class enrollment.

1. Take a Campus Tour

A campus tour will help familiarize you with classrooms, labs, and common spaces. You can meet people from Admissions and Financial Aid. Maybe you can peek in on an actual class and meet an instructor. Or even better—get to talk to some students! You’ll feel a little more comfortable about the space and your decision.

If your program is online, you may still be able to check out the school’s campus. Or maybe they have an online learning guide that will introduce you to important resources you can access and techniques you can use to be successful.

2. Prepare for Day One of College Classes

Prior to class start, make sure you have the necessary textbooks, tools, and equipment. If your program requires a particular software, uniform, or safety equipment, be sure to find out how to get them all before class starts. For online courses, prepare a designated study space that’s distraction free. If that space is difficult to create, head to a local library or invest in some noise-cancelling headphones.

3. Tap Into Your Support Network

Before you enroll, talk with your family and friends about your decision. Let them know you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life, and that you need their encouragement. Studies show you can better adjust to college life with support from friends and family.

Do you have children? They’re going to be so proud of you! But they have needs that can sometimes conflict with yours. Make sure you have childcare set up for class time and study time. And don’t forget to include your co-workers and supervisor in the conversation. They should know about your plans in case it impacts your work schedule from time to time.

4. Access Your Online Learning Platform

Even when you take classes in person, it’s likely your school with have an online learning platform. As soon as you’re able, access it and become familiar with its features. Your instructors may have you submit assignments and post to discussion boards through the system. Syllabi, schedules, and updates may appear there. Understanding how it functions before the first day of classes puts you ahead of the game.

5. Set Up Calendars Alerts for College Classes

Enrollment is just one step in your journey. Once you’re accepted and enrolled in your program, you need to actually start classes. Set an alert for the first day of classes and important milestones throughout the program. Enter class dates into a calendar app and highlight exams, due dates, and days off. And make sure any reminder you put on your phone gives you plenty of time to accomplish a task or get to a class. If your transportation is iffy, allow extra time so you’re not late to campus.

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