5 Things That Will Make or Break Your Résumé

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The first step to success is your résumé. Your résumé could make or break your chance at an interview and landing a job. These are the 5 things that’ll make or break your résumé:

1. Make
Highlight your achievements. Many applicants simply list their skills or responsibilities at previous jobs, but they often fail to explain how these strengths actually produced results. Identify your strengths and how they will benefit the company.

2. Break
There’s no excuse for typos or grammatical errors. Utilize the resources around you to perfect your résumé. Only submit a document that represents you well. Use your computer’s spell check, but don’t rely on it. Print out your résumé and read it aloud. Next, read it backwards sentence by sentence, starting at the end. Enlist the help of family, friends, classmates, or instructors to review it and point out anything you missed.

3. Make
An easy to read format makes a world of a difference. No one will bother to read a résumé that’s in paragraph form or has extra spaces. Take the time to choose a format that makes sense for the position you’re applying for, your experience, and your goals. Use bullets and proper alignment. A résumé workshop or career services officer can help you determine the best format for you.

4. Break
Appearing unprofessional or unmotivated is the last thing you want. Don’t offer up too much personal information such as hobbies or irrelevant work experience. Create a professional email address that includes your name and check it regularly.

5. Make
Use action verbs to describe your experience. Include keywords from the posting, when appropriate, that’ll catch the reader’s eye. Only include relevant information that directly relates to the position and cut down on extra, unnecessary words.

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