4 Ways Technology Saves Lives in Healthcare

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You’ve watched the scene play out a hundred times on television and in movies. The EMT jumps from the ambulance as it screeches to a halt, grabs his defibrillators and shocks the patient back to life in a dramatic rescue. That’s the power of technology on display!

Emergency medical equipment is one significant way that technology saves lives in healthcare. But there are more:

Vital signs monitors: Some of the very first steps a nurse or medical assistant takes when you step into a healthcare facility could save your life. Your temperature, blood pressure and heart rate can give a clear indication if something’s not right so you can be immediately treated.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR): Have you ever wondered just what the medical assistant is looking at on their screen as they check you in for an appointment? They may only ask you one or two questions like your date of birth and the reason for your visit, but in a matter of clicks, they know a whole lot about you and your medical history. And that’s a good thing! The information contained in your electronic medical records lets your physician know what you’ve been treated for in the past and what they might be able to do to help you now. EMRs also help make certain that none of the medications you may be on will react adversely with new ones being prescribed.

Medication Management Systems: Speaking of medications, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians use computer systems to help make certain the right medications and amounts are given to the right patients. The systems also control inventory so that when medications are in high demand, they have plenty in supply to meet the needs of patients. Can you imagine if there was medicine that could save your life but your pharmacy ran out? Technology helps to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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