4 Reasons You Should Become a Dental Assistant

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Do you want a career where a smile could brighten someone’s day? That’s what dentistry is all about! Dental assistants help people feel happy and healthy. As a dental assistant, you could help people maintain their oral health, giving them the quality of life and personal appearance everyone wants. Here are 4 reasons you should become a dental assistant:

1. Good Working Conditions
Like many careers in the healthcare field, a dental setting offers a clean, climate controlled environment. You’ll have all the benefits of an office workplace, but you won’t be limited to a computer screen all day long. As a dental assistant, you’ll work under the supervision of a dentist, performing a variety of care, office, and laboratory duties. You might sterilize dental instruments, assist dentists during procedures, process x-rays, maintain records, and schedule patient appointments. To protect yourself and your patients from infectious diseases, you might wear gloves, masks, eyewear, and special clothing.

2. You Can Learn on the Job
A positive work environment means opportunity for personal and professional growth. Many dental offices allow the opportunity to learn on the job while you earn your certificate. Hands-on learning gives you the opportunity to bring what you learn in the classroom into the real world. As a dental assistant, you’ll work closely with all sorts of people who can help you learn including dentists and dental hygienists.

3. You Can Work Anywhere
Dental assistants are needed not just by general dentists, but also by specialists like endodontists, oral surgeons, implantoloists, pedodontists, and orthodontists. Dental offices can be found all over, from large cities to small towns. That means that wherever you live, you could fulfill your dream to become a dental assistant.

4. It’s Growing
In 2012, there were over 300,000 people working as dental assistants.1 Employment in this career is expected to grow 25 percent by 2022, which is much faster than the average.2 Assistants play a crucial role as dentists look to provide more specialized care to their patients.

In as little as 10 months, you could earn your Certificate in Dental Assisting in Canyon Country, Lancaster, Oxnard, Fife, Pasco, and Vancouver. At Charter College, we offer a flexible year-round schedule that’ll prepared you for a career in a dental setting. With classes starting every five weeks, you could be on your way to the career you’ve always wanted.