4 Reasons Why Dental Assistants Love Their Jobs

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Most Dental Assistants love their jobs and are passionate about what they do. The hours, the benefits, and the people are among the top reasons they care so much about their profession. Do you want to have a career that you could love? Before you start off on this rewarding career path, consider why professional Dental Assistants like the job in the first place:

Dental Assistants Have a Variety of Duties

Dental Assistants perform a wide range of duties on both the administrative and clinical sides of the practice. You’ll schedule patient appointments and assist them with billing and payments. Here are other duties you will be responsible for:

  • Prepare room, chair, and equipment
  • Make sure patients feel comfortable in the dental chair
  • Sterilize instruments
  • Hand tools and instruments to the dentist during procedures
  • Process X-rays
  • Maintain patient records

You’ll also gain great experience in dental care, office work, and customer service.

Dental Assistants Always Learn New Things

Dental Assistants may be busy, but that doesn’t mean they’re too busy to learn. In fact, there will always be something new for you to learn. The field of dentistry evolves. As new research is conducted and new techniques and procedures are developed, you’ll need to learn them. As technology upgrades, new software and tools will be produced, and you’ll have to learn how to use them, as well.

Dental Assistants Educate Patients

Did you know that good dental hygiene is really important to your overall health? Plaque buildup has been linked to heart disease and other health problems. And sometimes dentists detect evidence of serious diseases by what’s going on in your mouth. There is a lot to learn about oral health, and as a Dental Assistant, you’ll get to teach patients what you know. You’ll show them how to brush and floss properly and educate them on the effects of poor oral hygiene and how oral health is connected to the rest of your overall health.

Dental Assistants Help People

Dental Assistants may love their jobs, but most patients don’t love their visits to the dentist’s office. Just the thought of the dentist’s chair can cause lots of anxiety. But as a Dental Assistant, you can help ease that worry. As the first point of contact, you’ll welcome patients into the office and walk them through what they can expect. You can be the person who creates a better experience for them. And the best part is, you’ll be part of a process that will boost their confidence and self-esteem. Patients may walk into the dentist’s office with fear, but they’ll leave it with their shiny white teeth, feeling a whole lot better about themselves.

Are you ready to help others and yourself? Start on the path to a new career today. Charter College offers a Certificate in Dental Assisting program in Canyon Country, Lancaster, Oxnard, Fife, Pasco, and Vancouver. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.