4 Online Learning Programs for Medical Careers

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You don’t need to travel to a college campus to prepare for a medical career. You can develop the skills you need with online learning. Convenient, flexible, and as comprehensive as their onsite counterparts, online programs for medical careers give you options. Consider 4 entry-level healthcare careers you could train for from the comfort of your own home:

1. Online Health Unit Coordinator Training

A Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) sits at mission control for a medical office, department, or unit. You coordinate patient services and work as a liaison between patients, families, and care providers. And you can learn how to be a Health Unit Coordinator through an online program. Your program teaches you about the healthcare delivery system and all the people who work within it. HUC training helps you understand patient care, admissions, discharge, and the regulations that oversee healthcare facilities. Your instructors teach you the hard and soft skills you need to succeed in the role. For example, you learn how to update medical records, process insurance claims, and manage the day-to-day operations of a hospital unit such as nursing, pediatrics, or oncology. And you learn what it takes to remain calm and pleasant in a very busy healthcare facility.

2. Learning Medical Billing and Coding Online

Of course, you can learn medical billing and coding online! After all, most of your job will take place in front of a computer. As a virtual student, you learn how to fill out billing forms, process insurance claims, and update medical records. You’re introduced to healthcare terminology and medical codes from the ICD-10, the industry manual for coding health diseases and diagnoses. On the job, you would use the ICD-10 to translate patient symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments into codes that the insurance company will use for reimbursement. In the online classroom, you learn how to do all that and to work with healthcare professionals and serve patients.

3. Health Technology Management Online Program

If you already have an associate degree in a healthcare specialty, you may want to take an online program to learn about the critical technology used in today’s healthcare facilities. An online program can teach you how technology and healthcare seamlessly intersect. You learn about technology’s importance in leadership, healthcare delivery, medical equipment, informatics, compliance, and infection control. You learn about the role of technology to increase efficiency, improve results, and provide better overall healthcare outcomes.

4. Online Health Administrator Programs

As a Healthcare Administrator, you help take care of the business side of a medical facility. An online program can teach you about day-to-day operations that help patient-facing professionals do what they do best—take care of the ill and injured. You’re introduced to the healthcare delivery system, state and federal laws that govern healthcare, and ethical decision making. You learn how to use data to make business decisions, market your organization, and recruit and hire medical staff. And you learn how to communicate effectively in a health setting, and how to initiate and manage small and large-scale projects.

Are you ready to explore your online learning options for a healthcare career? Charter College offers several online healthcare programs that can prepare you for an entry-level career. Among them are: Certificate in Health Unit Coordinator, A.A.S. in Medical Billing and Coding, and BS Degree Completion programs in Health Technology Management, and Health Care Administration. Call 888-200-9942 or fill out the form to learn more.