4 Benefits of an Externship at a Veterinarian Clinic

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When you enroll in a Veterinary Assistant program, you’re probably excited to get started in a career that let’s you put your passion for animals to use. But before you get to work in your new career, an externship is a great way to learn more about it.

Here are 4 benefits of an externship at a veterinarian clinic:

You Get Real-World, Hands-On Experience

A career as a Veterinary Assistant requires you to directly care for animals, help the veterinarian with procedures, administer medications, interact with pet owners, and more. That’s why it’s important to get hands-on experience with these tasks before your first job.

You may get training in the classroom, but at an externship, you can get invaluable experience in a real-world setting with a veterinarian as he or she sees real patients. You can put your Veterinary Assistant skills to use and see how experienced assistants do the work. You can also get a feel for how you might work with the doctor.

You Can See How A Clinic Runs

It’s one thing to practice procedures in a controlled classroom setting or read about the job of a Veterinary Assistant. It’s a whole other thing to experience that all in person.

At an externship, you can see how practices that you’ve read about are actually put to use and you can learn how a real vet hospital or clinic functions. What is the workflow like? How busy is the job? Who is responsible for what tasks? How does it compare to what you expected? These are all questions you can get answered at your externship.

You Can Network

As you start out in your career, it will be important to network as much as you can. A good network of people in your industry can be key when you seek a new job, a mentor, or even quick advice. The people who work at the veterinarian clinic where you extern can become great contacts for you.

Make the most of your externship, do great work, and keep in touch afterward. If you leave a good impression, you will be more likely to be considered when a possible job comes up. People who’ve seen you do good work will want you on their team! They’ll also want to help you become a successful Veterinary Assistant.

You Can Build Your Resume

The more experience your resume shows, the better. So take advantage of this opportunity to have vet clinic experience to put on your resume before you even finish your program. It can help future employers see how serious you are about your career, and they can feel confident in you because they know that you already learned what it’s like to work with a veterinarian.

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