10 Unusual and Funny Places You Can Learn Online

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One of the best things about taking an online class is that you can learn pretty much anywhere and anytime you want. There are the obvious times and places, like when you’re at home after the kids go to bed. But sometimes, life gets a little crazy and you’ve just gotta do what you’ve gotta do to get your work done—wherever that may be!

Here are some unusual places you might learn online, but we bet you have a whole lot more? At Charter College, we understand that what you learn is way more important than where it happens.

1. A Backyard Hammock

Relax a little while you work and enjoy nice weather! Hook up a hammock in your backyard and study your flashcards, whether they’re digital or on paper. You could even Skype classmates and participate in group discussions and forums from your hammock!

2. Museums

Sure, museums are great when you want to learn about art or history, but did you know you can also carve out a little piece of that big building to call your own? A lot of museums have cafes and lounge areas where you can take out your laptop and work with a little white noise of museumgoers in the background. Maybe you can even find a seat in a museum gallery and study right in the middle of great works of art. And if it’s still summertime hot where you are, museums are a great spot to take advantage of air conditioning.

3. Restaurants and Pubs

Coffee shops are a common place to study, so why not a restaurant or bar? Treat yourself to a meal while you study. Even better, plan a date with a friend and get to the restaurant early so you can build in study time and then reward yourself with some hangout time.

4. The Gym

What could be better than exercising your body and mind at the same time? Head to the gym and get on the elliptical, treadmill, or stationary bike along with your flashcards or tablet and get to work! Light exercise while you study may even help you retain what you learn.

5. Supply Closet at Work

Sometimes, you just need to escape to focus, right? If you work somewhere where it’s hard to get away from your co-workers or customers, even on your break, take your laptop into the supply closet (assuming it’s not too tight a fit) and make it your private study nook where you’re unlikely to be interrupted.

6. A Rooftop

Sure, rooftop seating at restaurants is great, but do you have access to a rooftop where you can be alone to study? Maybe at your office or apartment building? You’ll get great views and solo time to focus on your online class — just stay away from the edge and be prepared for sudden weather changes!

7. Your Kids’ Sports Practice

Of course you love to watch your kids play soccer and other sports, but when they practice several times a week, it’s okay to multitask. Bring your flashcards so you can study on the sly, or wait in the car and do your work on your laptop while you wait. The time will fly by and you’ll feel so productive!

8. The Bathroom

You have to go there at some point every day, right? Whether you, ahem, have business to attend to or just lock yourself in there to get away from the family, the bathroom could become a mini little study hall. Do you have a little more time to yourself? Take a bath, light some candles and relax while you get your work done. But remember! Safety first. Never leave a candle unattended and don’t your bring technology anywhere near water.

9. Your Car

Your car can be an especially good study spot for your online classes if you have WIFI access when you need it. Think of it as your mobile study space! You can study before and after work, on your lunch break, between appointments, while you wait for your kids, and any other time you have extra time on the go.

Pro tip: Make sure you only study when your car is parked or you’re in the passenger seat.

10. The Mall

If can resist the urge to go on a shopping spree when you’re at a mall, it could be a great place for you to study. You can find a café there or even comfy seating in front of less popular stores. When you need a break, you can stroll around and window shop or just people watch from your study spot.

Do you want the freedom to get your education in any quirky place that works for you? Online courses could be a great fit. Check out Charter College today and learn about our online programs in business, trades, information technology and healthcare.