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Make a UNISA Payment

Student payment plans are serviced by UNISA, Inc.

To make a payment, please log in to UNISA’s Borrower Portal or contact UNISA at (800) 875-8910 or email


Payment is applied to fees (if applicable) first, then principle. Oldest amounts due are paid first. You cannot make a payment more than ninety days in advance.

Statements are mailed via USPS on a monthly basis. Please contact UNISA at (800) 875-8910 for a re-print or an updated statement. You can also review your account information by logging into UNISA’s Borrower Portal.

Any extra payment you make outside of your regular payment goes straight to principle. This lowers your overall balance due but does not impact your regularly scheduled payments. You cannot make a payment more than ninety days in advance. Any payment less than the amount due will be accepted but your account will still be considered delinquent. Your account will fall behind however much your payment was short. Accounts for out of school students more than ninety days delinquent are in jeopardy of being defaulted and sent to third party collections.

Charter College does not offer any alternative repayment options. We do offer a one time re-write once you are out of school.

Please contact UNISA at (800) 875-8910 to request a copy of your agreement.

Please contact us at (877) 556-4425, or mail to:
Charter College
750 Sandhill Rd #100
Reno, NV 89521