Cost of Attendance

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Cost of attendance

Charter College establishes a standard Cost of Attendance (COA) to calculate student financial aid. The COA is a reasonable estimate of the cost of attending Charter College for one academic year (7 months). Each student’s COA is based on several factors, including dependency status and housing status, as reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please note, the COA is not the amount you owe the college. To help you calculate your direct charges owed to Charter College, review your enrollment agreement.

The Cost of Attendance (COA), also referred to as student budget, is the maximum amount of aid a student may receive from all types of aid combined. The Financial Aid Office establishes standard student budgets (also known as the COA) annually as a basis for awarding financial aid funds. These budgets reflect typical “modest but adequate” expectation of expenses for Charter College students. While actual expenses will vary based on each student’s lifestyle and program choice, the estimated costs used in the cost of attendance should assist students with planning their own budgets.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees component used in the COA is based on the monthly tuition costs for a student’s program. The actual costs a student incurs will vary depending on their program choice.

Living Expenses
(Housing and Meals)

Housing is discretionary, and costs can vary significantly based on living arrangements and personal choices of a student. The housing and meals component of the COA will be based on information provided on the student’s FAFSA and the Charter College Application for Financial Aid (CCAFA).

Books and Supplies

The book allowance is $0 per month (2023-2024).

All materials required are included in the tuition paid. Students are given the option of purchasing a computer and that will be included in the students COA as applicable.


The travel allowance is $381.10 per month (2023-2024).

This allowance includes costs for operating and maintaining a vehicle which is used to trans¬port the student to and from school, but not for the purchase of a vehicle.

Personal and Miscellaneous Expenses

The allowance for personal and miscellaneous expenses is $807 per month (2023-2024).

This allowance represents every other potential student expense such as: cell phone, clothes, personal hygiene, entertainment, etc.

Students with Disabilities

For a student with a disability, an allowance for expenses related to the student’s disability can be included when calculating COA. These expenses may include special services, personal assistance, transportation, equipment, and supplies that are reasonably incurred and not provided by other agencies. If these personal expenses related to your disability should be included in your COA, contact