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Charter gives you the tools you need to succeed

At Charter College, we succeed when our students succeed. So we have built our entire educational program around your needs with a structure of resources and support developed to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Every student learns differently, and Charter works to accommodate all student needs. Below you’ll find some of the resources available to help you learn, graduate, and succeed.

Supportive Staff

Our instructors, administrators, and staff are dedicated to helping you complete your education. We celebrate your successes and help you overcome your struggles. We don’t let you slip though the cracks. This is what makes Charter College unique and what makes it work.

Our faculty members are working professionals who bring the knowledge and experience you need to the classroom. They are selected for their education, credentials, work experience, and their ability to motivate students. They are dedicated, active, and experienced professionals who ensure you receive industry-current, hands-on training. If they don’t bring passion to the classroom, we don’t bring them to Charter College.

Making Education Fit Your Life
(not the other way around)

Many programs at Charter College offer the flexibility of blended learning and are available during the day or evening. Charter College also offers several online programs, too. Our programs are designed so that our students can maintain a balance between work, life, and school. Note, online programs are offered through Charter College Anchorage; not all programs are available at all locations.

Year-Round Programs

Students enroll at Charter College to advance their careers, increase their opportunities, and change their lives. We offer a year-round schedule and start classes every five weeks. In 5 to 24 months, you can complete one of our certificate, associate degree, or a bachelor degree programs.

Results-Driven Curriculum

Our programs are designed to help you find a career. The curriculum for each program not only provides career skills, but also qualifies you for entry-level employment opportunities after successful completion. With our blend of traditional and technical college learning, students are engaged in active learning through hands-on laboratory and classroom environments.

Facilities and Equipment That Reflect the Workplace

Charter College invests in labs and equipment that prepare you for the jobs of today. From our medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, HVAC, welding, and nursing labs, to our online resources, you’ll find the tools you need to learn faster and prepare for the job you want.

Student Success Coaching

Mastering your subject matter is important to your success. Student Success Coaching is available to help you along the way. You can seek help in coursework, test prep, and lab specialties. All you have to do is ask.

On-Campus Technology Resources

Charter College campuses have Wi-Fi and computers/laptops available to all students whenever the campus is open.

Special Lectures

Guest lecturers may be invited throughout the year to speak to classes about opportunities, current industry trends, and how your work at Charter College can prepare you for your career.

Online Resources Through the Student Portal

Each Charter College student has access to the student portal where they can request transcripts, see a schedule of their classes, and have access to numerous online resources. Please click here to be redirected to the student portal.